To begin working with EG Personeelsdiensten in the Netherlands, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Have a passport or identity card.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Register in our database of potential employees by filling out personal information form at one of our offices in Poland or in the Netherlands. If your located far from one of our offices then fill out an online application.
  • Be available and have the motivation to work in the Netherlands.
  • An additional requirement for a large number of job opportunities is speaking English or German, just enough to communicate. These language skills are verified by our recruiters.

Continuous support

While working with our company you can count on constant support.

In Poland

Our offices will provide you with reliable information on working and social conditions that available in the Netherlands:

  • We will answer all your questions, regarding your qualifications, conditions relating to work and dates.
  • We will make your travel arrangements to the Netherlands.
  • Before departure, you will sign a preliminary agreement.
  • Through us, your loved ones will be able to communicate important information to you in the Netherlands at anytime.

In the Netherlands

Upon your arrival you will meet at EG Personeelsdiensten with our coordinators, our support staff living in the Netherlands that speak Polish and Dutch. Our coordinators:

  • Will make sure that all your formalities are filled out related to your job agreement, accommodations, health care, taxes ... etc.
  • Will introduce you in the new company and guide you through your responsibilities in the workplace.
  • Organize comfortable living conditions for the entire period of your stay, make sure you have proper living standards and provide commuting to your job with our company cars.
  • Throughout the entire period of your stay you will have constant contact and personal support of our staff who will help you will language skills, work related matters, housing and any other inquiries.
  • Organize Dutch language courses.
  • After completing your entire contract, they will take care of your final payment and can help arrange additional work tours in the Netherlands.

In the netherlands you can easily communicate in English, German or Dutch. During your job search you have most likely terms such as "communicative English" or "good German" so to make filling out your application easier below are our explanations of certain terms.

Basics language - Poor understanding of conversations and the inability to watch TV in a given language. The ability to provide, often grammatically incorrect, answers in the form of yes or no, introduce yourself, form short sentences and talk about everyday things. Basic ability to read and learning to write.

Communicative language - Good understanding conversations. The ability to form questions in a given language and to conduct a simple conversation over the phone. Large vocabulary, however, grammatical mistakes still occur. You should be able to carry on conversations about more abstract topics such as politics or emotions. Reading skills should be fairly fluent and the ability to write with mistakes.

Good language - Watching TV in a given language is not a problem. The ability to read and write without glaring mistakes, phone conversations are not problem and grammatical mistakes happen rarely.


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