The first step that needs to be taken to work with EG Personeelsdiensten, is to register at one of our offices in Poland or the Netherlands. We look forward to potential employees who are committed to their work, are ready to start for a minimum of 6 months and wish earn a decent salary. If you meet our initial requirements we would like to invite you for a qualification interview. One of our representatives will ask you a few questions about your experience, motivation, education, and foreign language skills. It is important at this time for you to provide a document of identification such as an identity card, passport, driver's license and or SoFi number (if you have one). A valid certificate of good conduct is also welcome and can be obtained from your nearest national criminal registry which are located at your local district courts. These certificates are usually issued instantly and cost around 50 zł. If after signing up your considered a suitable candidate, our representative will present you with a specific job offer and help in completing your remaining formalities.

Below are the different stages of recruitment:

  • Fill out the registration form located on our website.
  • Visit one of our offices in order provide the necessary documents to complete your registration (this does not guarantee employment).
  • Choose one of our job offers. Waiting times vary depending on the suitability of the candidate and open vacancies.
  • Final recruitment meeting after choosing and receiving a suitable job, just before leaving. Signing of the necessary documents to work in the Netherlands through us.

Good luck with registering and we hope to see you soon!


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